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BUTTER CRYSTALLIZATION: If any of our shea butter blends experiences temperature changes, and then comes back to room temperature too slowly, the butter might experience crystallization. Crystallization will make the butter feel somewhat grainy. But, this DOES NOT impact the quality or usability of the butter. Crystallization only affects the feel or touch of the butter. 


HOW TO CORRECT CRYSTALLIZATION (if desired): Remove the top off of the container, if it is in a plastic container. If the butter is in a metal tin, scoop out the contents into a microwave safe container. Place the container with butter blend into the microwave - for lip tubes stand them up tall, so that the opening it at the top. Heat at 15 second intervals until the butter blend is slightly melted, stirring between intervals. Once the butter blend is soft and slightly melted, stir contents (no need for this step on lip tubes). If butter blend was melted in a different container than originally packaged, you can return the butter blend back to the metal tin. Replace the top/lid of the container. 

IMMEDIATELY place closed container in the FREEZER for about 30 minutes, or until the butter blend is completely solid/hard. Remove from freezer, allow it to come back to normal temperature. By slightly melting the contents and then placing in the freezer for a QUICK COOL SOLIDIFY, this should remove the crystallization. Now, the original, intended smoothness of the butter blend has been restored. Enjoy!