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Label Guide

What's In the Ingredients? 

Your intro pocket-guide to cosmetic & personal care products ingredients from

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The skin is the largest organ and first line of defense for your body. So what you put on your skin really is quite important. But, without a chemistry degree, reading an ingredients label can be overwhelming. Therefore, we want to help you with a quick-start guide. Here are a few categories to consider avoiding when you are beginning your journey down the ingredients label. There are plenty of reputable sources on the internet that can elaborate on what we have begun here, and we personally recommend, as a user friendly, highly informative, reputable reference site. The Butter Bath Company began in 2008 as a result, in part, of wanting healthy ingredients, and being highly disappointed in what was lurking out there. We are extremely passionate about ingredients, so you will only find pure, fresh, and natural ingredients in all Butter Bath products. That is a PROMISE!

You will NEVER find any of the following types of ingredients in any products made by The Butter Bath Company, and available to purchase online everyday at 

Fragrances - There are over 3000 components that can go into the making of a single "fragrance" as is listed on an ingredients label. Many of these hidden ingredients are synthetic and have been linked to birth defects, cancer, allergies, sensitivities, and are known reproductive toxins. We only use pure essential oils, never any synthetics fragrances, so you will not see the "fragrance" on our labels.

'eths' and 'PEGs' - Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Oleth, Myreth, Ceteareth, etc., and PEG or PolyEthylene Glycol, can in many cases produce 1,4-Dioxane, which is a known carcinogen.

Propylene Glycol - this popular humectant can cause contact dermatitis and irritations on the skin.

Parabens - Parabens, such as isobutylparaben, butylparaben, isopropylparaben, propylparaben, etc., are chemical preservatives that have been linked to cancer, hormonal disruption, and problems with fertility.  Since there are alternatives to parabens, why are they still in use? The Butter Bath Company never dilutes any of our products with water, which greatly reduces the need for preservatives, allowing us to utilize natural ingredients, such as essential oils, effectively as natural